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Seminars to save Seraikela tuskers

In January this year, an elephant trampled a man to death in a village at Kharsawan. A few days later, a tusker was found dead in a paddy field of Kharsawan.


The man-elephant conflict has been a matter of concern for the forest department for quite a long time. Taking measures to prevent similar incidents, the department has decided to organise seminars in certain pockets of Seraikela and Kharsawan.


The idea to hold seminars in Seraikela and Kharsawan was mooted following killing of elephants by villagers and wild jumbos going on a rampage this year.


A.T. Mishra, the divisional forest officer (DFO) of Seraikela, said the seminars would be held at villages from first week of June.


He said along with the villagers, members of eco development committees and forest protection committees would also be invited to the seminars. "We will teach the villagers on how to protect themselves when a wild elephant or a herd strays into their hamlet," Mishra said.


The DFO said wildlife experts from Jharkhand, Bengal and Orissa would share their expertise in turning the hamlets into safer zones for elephants as well as man."


Mishra pointed out that forest officials would come up with a measure to keep the tuskers at bay from human habitat and at the same time they would urge the villagers not to resort to cruelty by electrocuting jumbos or providing poisoned food if they stray into their paddy fields.


May 20, 2009 / Telegraph
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